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The first step of getting involved in #BaltimoreVotes is to submit a statement of interest. Simple stuff! Scroll down to the form at the bottom of this page to tell us a little about yourself and why you want to join this amazing movement! 


Once you join #BaltimoreVotes, we  offer many opportunities for team development, including a Leadership Summit in March 2018. We will also provide coaching and resources to 250 leaders across Baltimore who are taking action when it comes to voter registration, voter education, and voter turnout efforts ahead of the 2018 election. These  trainings will be filled with mentorship, conversation, and action planning on the best method to achieve voter participation within your community.


Now that you are part of the #BaltimoreVotes community, we will work with you to create a Plan of Action for the year ahead, and ensure that you are equipped with the tools you will need to register, educate, and turn out future voters. You will have a #BaltimoreVotes coach assigned to walk  you through every step of the way! 



We know how hard this work is, which is why the #BaltimoreVotes team is supporting our community leaders in exciting and innovative ways. We want to create a celebratory culture around Election Day in Baltimore, and to do that we are working with organizations like Party@ThePolls, the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, and Chance the Rapper's organization Social Works. Check them out! 


Join a Committee! 

In order sign on as a partner of #BaltimoreVotes you must be able to honor and celebrate the nonpartisan purpose of voter education and refrain from any partisan candidate. Messaging and promotion must focus on the common goal of voter registration, education, and turnout efforts for all.



Arts, Culture, & Democracy

This working group will discuss the many ways the art community can support and influence democracy. During the election season we will primarily use this working group to discuss and plan for all the activities, parades, and parties that will take place on election day. We will also use this meeting to discuss our “Call for Community Performers and Visual Artists”

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Business & Community Engagement

We must do all things together, this working group encourages collaboration between businesses and community members. We look to strategize for ways to act together to better our community.

It is also a space for professionals,employers, employees, community members, and all to share methods to increase voter participation through education and turnout efforts.

Would you feel comfortable allowing external volunteers to register voters on your property?

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Youth Voter Engagement

The mission of the S(Y)VEC is to support Baltimore City Schools efforts in several key areas:

1. Ensuring students are motivated to participate in every election and have the information necessary to participate confidently.

2. Students build the habits and culture of consistent voting and civic engagement for life

3. Teachers get additional support in promoting civic engagement across their curriculum.

4. Come together to support a two week long program devoted to civic engagement that would takes place twice a year.


*Student Voter Education Week is a nonpartisan initiative to increase youth voter registration, and it has an accompanying curriculum that will be taught in schools.

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Democracy Data Research  

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The Agreement

By submitting the form, you agree to the following affirmation that you as an individual and your organization or business will abide by these standards. Thank you for your participation in this movement.

I agree not to represent a candidate or party while participating in #BaltimoreVotes activities.

I agree that I will provide a registration application for anyone who requests one—regardless of party or candidate preference.

I agree not to pressure or induce someone to register, nor will I promise or give anything of value in exchange for a voter registration application.