#BaltimoreVotes is for everyone.

Whether you're most closely associated with a school, neighborhood association, small business, large corporation, or a religious institution, every community in this city has an important role to play in this effort. We inviteYOU to join us as we train large employers and area universities to use existing communication systems to facilitate voter registration and to aid dissemination of accurate election information.

Many members of the #BaltimoreVotes community are already stepping up to start leading voter registration and education programs! Baltimore City Public Schools Law & Leadership Students at Frederick Douglass High School have formed a Student Democracy Coalition and joined the #BaltimoreVoteChallenge by currently organizing a school wide civic engagement action plan, in an effort to grow to all Baltimore City High Schools. We are also collaborating with the CollegeTown network in Greater Baltimore to achieve our goal of 80% voter turnout by equipping institutions of higher education with adequate civic engagement tools and resources.

Enhancing Voting Culture

New research from the 2016 election shows that creating a strong celebratory culture around Election Day is among the most cost effective ways to increase voter participation. We’ll be providing resources from the #VoteTogether program to help #BaltimoreVotes leaders participate in parties at polling places and parades to early voting locations to create a strong voting culture.

The #BaltimoreVotesChallenge is an effort to support 250 local leaders in building voter registration, voter education, and voter turnout efforts that are embedded in Baltimore communities and institutions ahead of the 2018 election. The challenge will officially kick off in March of 2018 at the #BaltimoreVotes summit where the first 100 leaders who sign up will have the opportunity to start building their voter engagement action plans with a #BaltimoreVotes coach.