The Baltimore Votes Coalition is grounded in three core commitments:

1. Baltimore needs every voter: We all know our community is stronger when everyone has the chance to fully participate in our democracy. That’s why the Baltimore Votes coalition is committed to ensuring that all eligible voters in the region participate in every election.

2. Every voter needs authentic support: We know that the participation of all voters is only worthwhile to the extent that it reflects the confident and authentic engagement of citizens in public issues. That’s why the Baltimore Votes coalition is also committed to ensuring that all eligible voters can not only participate but also participate in a confident and authentic way.

3. Equitable support of local leaders with an intersectional lens is the only viable strategy: We believe that the confident and authentic participation of all voters is only possible through the full and engagement of local leaders across our community who commit to ensuring that everyone in their community is able to participate. That’s why the Baltimore Votes coalition is committed centering all of our work - whether it’s direct programming, subgrants, communications, development, research or advocacy - around the imperative to equitably support local leaders in communities across the region.

In 2018, the Baltimore Votes coalition took large strides towards delivering on our commitment to equitably supporting the local leaders across the region who can ensure that all eligible voters can participate authentically and confidently in every election. We know that each sector--whether it’s higher education, nonprofit, faith, private business, or otherwise--is unique and requires a tailored approach for engagement, and we kept that in mind when creating programming.

We supported local leaders with several different types of activities:

• Summits and trainings to build community among diverse leaders with shared values to share skills and knowledge about how to do best practice voter engagement work.

• Momentum building events over the summer to try out Get Out The Vote tactics and build excitement for the final push to November.

• Our first tactical campaign to bring out voters across the region by hosting welcoming Parties at the Polls at almost 20% of all polling places in Baltimore City.

To learn more, check out the 2018 Baltimore Votes annual report!